Vegas | March 2019


to the first ever graduating class of the
Bellydance Cohesion Stage 1 Enrichment Course!


Pinch me! I can barely believe what a beautiful, meditative, rejuvenating experience this was. Bellydancers from beginner to expert skill levels were all moving together and challenging themselves to their personal edge in a room full of supportive and encouraging peers. We danced together, drummed together, and improvised together. For me, it felt deeply healing and connective.

Though we spent nearly the whole time dancing technique drills, each person was also brave and enthusiastic to learn to frame drum and play finger cymbals, as well as to participate in lectures on bellydance history.

We used therapeutic exercises to prepare our bodies for lots of movement repetition and we consciously employed mindfulness strategies to help us stay present. Because of the integrity with which everyone engaged in these preparations, each class felt like an extended meditation.


I felt emotionally moved from the first moment of class. I have prepared many years for this opportunity and many people have prepared me. I felt supported by my teachers. Unable to separate myself from their lessons, I brought my teachers into the room with me by naming them and voicing my gratitude to them. To have one of my closest and longest teachers physically present was overwhelming on a grand scale. Beyond having Amy Sigil in the room, I felt honored by the presence of each person in attendance.

April Rose