Enrichment Courses


Bellydance Cohesion is presented in two tracks: Enrichment Courses and Teacher Trainings.

The Enrichment Courses are where you learn the Bellydance Cohesion content. The Teacher Trainings are where I help teachers learn how to deliver that content to their students.

During the Stage 1 Enrichment Course, dancers learn the fundamentals of bellydance technique via ritualized cumulative practice drills, examples of stylized movements, and improvisation exercises. Level-up options are available to anyone who wants to increase the difficulty of the drills. Examples of a level-up options are:

  1. Adding a finger cymbal layer to the practice drill

  2. Traveling with the drill

  3. Adding a variation level changes to the drill

Stage 1 also incorporates study of bellydance music and history.

During the Stage 2 Enrichment Course, dancers learn more complex and stylized movement phrases as well as combinations which are paired with finger cymbal layers. These combinations can be arranged into choreographies or placed in solo improvisation. They may also be performed in the context of a structured group improvisation.

We will also experience providing the live percussion for such performances by playing Stage 1 Middle Eastern rhythm loops on the frame drum while others dance, and vice versa.

In Stage 2, I engage dancers in a lecture-discussion on cultural appropriation and issues of authenticity.

During the Stage 3 Enrichment Course, dancers learn elaborate combinations of stylized technique paired with musically complex finger cymbal layers. Similar to the previous stages, these movements can be placed in a solo improvisation, choreography, and structured group improv. We continue to experience such performances from the position of the dancer and the accompanist.

In Stage 3, I also give a special-topics history lecture on new discoveries in the ongoing project of bellydance research.

By the of Stage 3 you will be shredding on percussion and dance technique, empowered by your awareness of how bellydance has developed through history, able to perform synchronized choreographies and improvisations with others, and familiar with how you dance when you open yourself up to your own individual expression.